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"pain is a symptom; one page in your book.  we listen and unlock the whole story.  we want to find the villian.  the "why" your body is hurting and not moving efficiently"

Sports Injury

physical Therapy


Physical Therapy  is an all inclusive service that will analyze, educate and correct faulty movement  patterns that can influence pain, loss of mobility, stiffness, and strength deficits. 

We listen to your goals, and create a "movement prescription" to restore your own bodies' ability to heal, move efficiently and return to the activities you love doing. 

We aim to not only treat your symptoms, but to unveil the root cause of your injury.  Pain is but one symptom we listen to, but we have skills to dig deeper into the multiple interconnected systems of the human body. 

 "Connect" In physical therapy

Our Core Concepts

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decompress from stress

We offer various manual techniques and therapeutic techniques to calm your nervous system.  Often over looked are unspoken symptoms of your nervous system.

Click on techniques below for more information to decompress from your stress.

Balance Exercise

Wellness Programs designed to continue what your started. 

 Connected to

Your well being

""Connected" to Wellness is our answer to just starting out, longevity and skill acquisition. Core Concepts teaches you how to better use your body in the fitness environment. We incorporate 3 dimensional movements, awareness of position, and stress coping exercises. This is for general health and wellness and not skilled Physical Therapy. Click link below for more information of our wellness programs


"...Dani's ability to explain concepts such as breath, mobility, and stability is unparalleled.  She is patient, knowledgeable, encouraging and professional.  She led me down the journey of understanding my body, activating the correct muscles, and gaining strength in a new way.  I am forever grateful for Core Concepts and highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to take their health to the next level."  Read more

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