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Are you suffering from....

Pain • Chronic Tension  Fatigue Stress  • Chronic Tension  Fatigue Stress •Poor Quality of Sleep  • Poor Endurance  • 

Shallow Breathing  • Fatigue  • Muscle Sprain/strains  • Muscle Imbalances  •Hypermobility  • Headache/ Jaw pain  • Mouth Breathing

Your body is constantly creating strategies to be energy efficient, dynamic and adaptable. This will also create compensations to meet the physical demands of your life or sport. When the sliding scale tips too far in one direction, the resulting imbalances can create break down and pathology

If your listen to your body when it whispers,you won't have to hear it scream...

Holding Hands

"Hello!  Thank you for visiting Core Concepts!  I have worked with many client's who have stated to me that I have helped them with their health, not just their injury.  That's what has made me differ in this overly saturated market.  I evaluate your injury and muscular imbalances, but my gift is how to explain how some of these injuries are influenced by your emotions, postures, and breath.  I see your  body as a entity, that can either expand and be malleable, or it is compressed, stiff, and mal nourished.   From there, we slowly integrate core concepts towards your well being and recovery.  I see rehabilitation and fitness as one in the same, everyone could use a little help their movement albeit muscular, digestion, lung capacity, or mindset.  It's all connected!

Dr Dani Sabella Doctor of Physical Therapy



-Dr. Dani Sabella pt, ATC, CSCS, FAFS, C-DN & MAMAx2

Breathing Exercise

Work In

& Workout

 We investigate efficiency of movement, "form", and how that relates to your "function" or your daily activities.  We connect how your breath can influence your postural habits, and create muscular imbalances that will cause pain with walking, running, care taking and overall well being.  We look beyond the injury, and we take the time to understand how your movement influences how you endure. 


One on One



Have you ever considered "How do you breathe"?  The rise and the fall of the diaphragm need "Space to Breathe" in your ribcage, thoracic cavity, and pelvis to allow expansion and compression.  The biochemistry of breath also influences the timing of our next breath, focus, energy levels, and stress resilience. Our hands on approach will address soft tissue nourishment, and build your own library of positions, exercises, and movements to encourage form and function. 

Fitness on Yoga Mat



PHysical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Evaluation/ Follow Up In person/ Virtual (55 min)

Schedule an appointment for assessment and treatment of your injuries.  Together we create and implement a plan for healing and recovery.

Soft Tissue Management

Dry Needling

Exercise Programming

Functional Movement Screen

Video Analysis

Posture Analysis

As per Texas Law a Medical Script is required.

Connected to Fitness


Wellness Coaching

In person/ Virtual

(55 min)

Schedule an appointment for a movement screen, followed by a training program to help you focus on areas for growth.

Nervous System Re set

Food Journals

Mood Journals

Breathing Sessions

*This is non diagnostic for pathology, and does not require a medical script

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