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I was fortunate to pursue a career that suits my "can't sit still" personality and my creative mind to answer "how can I make it better." Quite a fun combination for my patients and family! I am a competitive athlete, movement enthusiast, marathoner, injured athlete, pregnant athlete, photographer, crafter, builder, wife and mom. Whew! And the common thread [and challenge] through all these life experiences is body care; how to feel good while thriving in my own story.

For me, body care has become more than just “working out” during the week; it’s evolved into creating habits to improve my overall mobility, stability and tissue nourishment that are easily incorporated into my day to day routine. My mobilization routines, encourages my body to move better overall,  versus simply and statically stretching 1 muscle group at a time. So it’s quite easy for me to mobilize while carrying my baby, or working from a desk. Even my strengthening has become more than reps or sets, but the quality of my lifting.  So again, whether it's with a bar bell or my 5 year old son, pain free lifting is by far more appealing to me, and healthier,  than the usual achy, sore or stiff package that comes from me not moving.  All of my body care techniques allow me to feel better while doing the long list of activities I take pride and love doing.

Core Concepts Physical Therapy is an extension of my personal and professional experiences to inspire your strength, health and confidence and re define your own core concepts to fit you story. CCPT can help you  become "functionally fit", and the best version of you, for your family, relationships and lifestyle goals. 

And at the core of all that I do, are Mark, Vincent and Charlotte.
I will take care of myself, so I can take care of you.

  • Sports Medicine

  • Running and Triathlete Injuries

  • Running Analysis

  • Women's health and Pelvic Health

  • Post Partum Core Restoration

  • Movement Analysis

  • Soft Tissue/ Manual Therapy

  • Dry Needling

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, SUNY Stony Brook, 2003

  • BOC Athletic Training Certified, 2003

  • NASCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, 2006

  • Active Release Provider

  • Fellow of Applied Functional Sciences, 2011

  • Pregnancy: Postpartum Physical therapy (CAPP-OB cert.), 2011

  • ASTYM Certified, 2012

  • American Red Cross CPR Certified

  • Studio Coach for Fit/Burn Golds Gym 2019

  • Institute of Dry Needling for Sports Performance & Injuries  2021

  • Institute of Dry Needling Pelvic Specialty Course August 2021

  • Oxygen Advantage Advaned Instructor Dec. 2021

  • Certified Dry Needling American Academy of Manual Therapy Dec 2022

Media & Publications
  • "Women on the Run" Advance for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine April ed. (2015)

  • "Women on the Run" Presenter, The Running Summit, Morristown NJ (2015)

  •  Fox News Interview "Preventing Stress Fractures in Women." (2011)

  •  NY One Interview "Marathon Training and Injury Prevention." (2010)

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