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Why Choosing a Personalized Approach Makes a Difference

  • We feel your time to discuss your needs deserves more than a traditional medical office visit of 10 minutes. 
  • We answer your questions, and leave room to ask thorough questions.  (Even after you leave!)
  • You will leave feeling like you have an advocate for your goals.  
  • Our relationship is built on a foundation of core values: communication, care, community, and education.
  • Our office is not "busy" with lines, phones, techs, aides, or any distractions from our main focus.  Which is you and your care plan.
  • Our office is therapeutic, fun, and interactive:^)  You have pain with putting the dishes away?  Show me!

Meet Oreo

He's our occasional greeter!  I'd like to say he's doing an upward facing dog in this pose!!


CCPT was started back in NJ in 2015, where we treated patients and spoke at events.  Since then we have moved to Pflugerville Texas, and continue to work in person, and virtually. 

Our Journey

Doors open for CCPT in Texas 2019, where it was one treatment table in an office room.  Since then we have expanded our "toys", as well as the room to workout!  

Growth Mindset

Everyone has a different style of learning, so we try and create an environment to help you "see" and "feel" movement.  Video Analysis, audio, mirrors, and equipment all facilitate growth of your movement skills!

Rehabilitation vs. Fitness: Bridging the Gap.

In the fitness world, it was very hard for me to lead a group, and not want to help each person with their alignment, or compensations.  I tried to educate when I could, but most fitness enthuasist at box gyms just wanted to get their "workouts" in, and I get it.

I created the "Connected" Group to bridge the gap between what my clients were learning in rehab, and how to apply it into the fitness world.  It was so fun!  I felt the benefits of the group were visual (why can't I move like she can?), social (we were like minded for movement skills) and therapeutic with customized programs


We all speak the "language" ...

"Where are your ribs"? 

"Are you holding your breath?" 

"Where do you feel it?"



Group and Individual Training

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